A Legend Whispers in the Shadows

 Artist: Fran Schuleit  *Prints can be purchased at the Fighting Falcon Military Museum

The Fighting Falcon Military Museum is dedicated to educating the public about the people, machines and personal history of U.S. war and conflict. We strive to highlight the stories of local men and women of Greenville, MI and surrounding areas. Among the uniforms, weapons and equipment are stories from the men and women who have served.

Located in Greenville, Michigan, we are only 20 minutes from US 131 and only 35 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. We have a wide collection of uniforms, weapons and munitions from all theaters of US conflict. We are well known for our construction  of a replica of the famous CG-4A glider ever to soar high in the sky, The Fighting Falcon. The Fighting Falcon is an iconic piece of Greenville history, showcasing the dedication of the school children and area citizens who purchased war bonds to finance the cost of the glider.

We are open from 2pm-4:30pm every Sunday from May to Veterans Day. 

Call Jerry at (616) 754-6991 to schedule a group or private tour.


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